Character vs Performance

Let's face it! Some of us are born performance oriented. We always do our best to impress and hold ourselves and others to high performance standards.
There are people out there who let the big things matter and the little stuff slide. They don't constantly wonder if they're reaching their potential. I know that becuase I am married to one, the Master Relaxer! 
One of the great qualities that came along with that laid back personality, however, is Dinu’s immovable character. He is the embodiment of what one of my favorite Bible teachers calls "a human being, not a human doing!" He focuses on who he and others are, not on how they perform. In Dinu’s economy, accomplishments don’t count half as much as the person on the inside. I am motivated to develop beyond my performance tendencies when I look at Dinu’s character. 
If you fight the performance trap too, I want to encourage you! 1 Samuel 16:7 teaches us that God is looking at the heart, not the outward appearance. The great news is, He is able to change our hearts! I am definitely in the process of being changed!
One practical tip I have learned from the Holy Spirit is to simply SLOW DOWN! 
When I slow down, I ask myself why I am doing what I’m doing. I commit to less, causing me to do what I commit to more whole-heartedly. I am able to focus on building my character. 
When I slow down, God’s Word becomes a mirror, not a to-do list! Then, the Holy Spirit can make Romans 12:2 happen- the Word comes alive and changes the way I think, transforming me into the image of Christ, the picture of His character!
Our character is more important to God than our performance. And, God is faithful to shape our character, that inward person of the heart, as we SLOW DOWN and allow Him!