God's Love

Recently, Dinu and I were talking about the message we believe Christians in Romania really need to hear. He said something that has really stuck with me... "People need to know who they are, what they have and how God sees them!"

I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from a better understanding of who they are in Christ and what belongs to them because of His complete redemptive work! Still, the most valuable truth in my heart, the concept that has shaped my life more than any other, is the heart of my Father God for me and for others. 

Knowing that He delights in us, that He is compassionate toward us when we fail, that He sees us as His very own children  and that He looks at us through the lense of His deep, wide, great love- that's amazing!

Do you believe God loves you? That's an easy question for most of us. But many times our actions contradict what we say we believe. Knowing God loves us should cause you and I to trust Him. Understanding His amazing love should motivate us to love Him and to love others with every moment of our lives.  

Why do our actions betray our beliefs? The modern culture we live in is all about knowledge. We have access to almost any information imaginable. And hey, who doesn't love knowing almost everything;-) What we are missing, however, are wisdom and understanding!

Solomon said in, Proverbs 4:7, "Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding"In Solomon's day, people spent a lot of time thinking (with their own self), meditating (imagining), and talking with God and others. That is how a person "gets" understanding.

Yikes! Kind of sounds like a tall order with today's pace of life, huh? 

I am learning that to truly understand God's love (or any spiritual truth, for that matter) requires spending significant time meditating on it and what it means for me. Because all actions begin in the imagination, simply imagining what impact His love should have on my life, prepares me to act consistently with it. That's powerful!    

I hope you are encouraged to "get understanding," about God's love for you. My prayer is that we all go beyond just believing in it and begin to live, more and more, in the reality of His unconditional love!