A Walking Miracle!

I woke up after a night full of thoughts and fears, and knew I had to get some encouragement from God's Word...

Our daughter, Marie (who will be two next month), has had a few surgeries to correct serious birth defects. While she is very healthy, she's had a significant delay in her ability to walk. We ended last year with her taking just a few clumsy steps every once in a while. Since then she had made very little progress, until last month, when her few steps became sometimes 10 or more at a time.

But even with all the recent progress, I found myself wanting to feel sorry for her these past few weeks and even to be a bit discouraged by her lack of balance and control. The association of birth defects she was born with often includes severe nuerological issues. Thoughts of a life full of difficulty and possible permenant disability began to nag me. Up until then, I can honestly say that Dinu and I never once thought she wouldn't walk perfectly. We kept our eyes on what we knew WOULD BE inspite of what we were seeing.

This past Friday morning I longed to be there, in that place of faith and perfect peace again. As I let the Word soak into my heart, the Holy Spirit reminded me that Marie's progress WILL line up to what Dinu and I believe, expect and say.

I decided right then to receive and declare perfect healing for her spinal cord. It was around Marie's nap time and I sensed the Holy Spirit urging me to expect to see a "marked difference" in her walking when she woke up.

Well, guess what happened... 
 She woke up and spent the rest of the day walking all around the house! In one day she had made more progress than in the last month! Saturday, we went to the library and she walked and walked. Today is Sunday and she has walked everywhere she's wanted to go! Halelujah!

God's Word says:

Jesus paid for our mental and physical health just like He carried our sins! Isaiah 53:4&5

Miracles are for today! John 14:12 

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

If you believe that what you say will happen, it will! Mark 11:23

Hold on tight to your profession of faith! Hebrews 10:23

Maybe, like Dinu and I and our families, you have known and lived with tragedy, sickness and un-timely death. We want you to know that God's Word is still true despite our human experience. We know what it's like to face the question, "Why” in each of those situations and to be tempted to give up believing for healing and miracles. We want to encourage you- don’t give up! Keep speaking the result you desire. Keep on trusting God’s Word above the circumstances around you. Believe and then rest in hope!

God wants you and I well more than we want it. Does God's will always happen? No. We know this because, even though He wills "that none should perish, but all would have everlasting life," not everyone gets born again. You and I must believe in our hearts and have corresponding actions to receive salvation, healing, anything Jesus has purchased.

We are so human though, and sometimes we don't look healed or feel healed- just like sometimes we don't look saved or act saved, but the Promise never fails. I was so encouraged this weekend by my little Walking Miracle! I am going to keep reaching out for God's very best and hope you will too! Look for God's encouragement to keep you focused along the way.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us all! What a great encouragement not to give up!

  2. Thanks Candice and Dinu!! She is a miracle and what hope and encouragement from her story. Hope to see you at New Life when you are back in IN. Much love to you all. Cindy and Kevin Kyle

  3. Thanks Cindy and Chris! There's no miracle like the one that happens in your own house! It continues to encouraged and refresh us when we see her stroll into the room!

    We just heard from some friends who's daughter had chipped a bone in her ankle last week. Because the xray showed it was not on a weight bearing bone, they were treating it with just an ace bandage, but after two days the little girl was still unable to walk or even bear weight on her leg and was in a lot of pain. They had decided that if it wasn't better this weekend they would go in for a cast- kind of a big deal for a 4yr old!

    They read our newsletter Thursday, prayed for their daughter that night, and Friday morning she woke up and walked perfectly, without pain!

    Thank you Jesus for our authority! And thank you Holy Spirit for teaching us and reminding us to use it!


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