Update from Dinu and Candice
This month: Opportunity or Assignment. Round One is Over! Leaving for Romania July 17th!
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Opportunity or Assignment?

Marie watches a cartoon about class pets who, when school is out for the day, rescue other animals. Their rescue assignments come through calls to a tin-can phone. It reminds me a little of us, minus the tin-can!

Since announcing our move to Romania, we've received a lot of phone calls. There are so many opportunities for ministry that we are aware of in Romania, but we know that only a few of those are our assignments from God.

Of course, our first assignment is the discipleship and mentoring Dinu will be doing with the orphan organization staff and volunteers, but God is already knitting our hearts to people and places where He wants us to make a difference. There's just a special drawing in us toward these God ordained assignments and it's an exhilarating sensation.

Thank you, Jesus, for the precious Holy Spirit! What a privelege to work with Him to increase God's Kingdom in the Earth. What a joy to have special assignments that we have been equipped to complete! 

There are lot's of opportunities for YOU to serve, to give and to go for the Kingdom. Who and which of those are your assignments? Go with what resonates in your heart, what makes you come alive! You are equipped and annointed to complete the assignments God gives you!

Round One- Over! 

Choosing what to ship ahead to Romania, what to store and what to give away was a real challenge. I am so glad it's over!


We finally made it to Indiana (we decided to keep the girls with us instead of shipping them ahead:-) and in just six weeks...Round Two- the move to Romania!

Our time here makes the transition a long one, but we are so thankful for the opportunity to be with friends and family before we go.


This is also giving us time to raise much needed monthly support from friends like you! Think about it, pray about it. Can you partner with us?

Here are links for more information about our vision and goals for Romania and how to give.

July 17th

Hey friends in Indiana and Michigan, let’s get together! We’re planning to visit as many churches as we can and hopefully that means we’ll see you. If we’re not headed to your church, please still get in touch with us. You know us...we “Will Travel for Food” and, or coffee! 

We'll be in Michigan from June 15th until around the 28th. Other than that, we're in Indiana until the big move, July 17!

Please don't wait until July 17th to pray for us!  This is the homestretch of our preparation and a busy time for us as a family. We need to receive strength, wisdom, joy and endurance from the abundance of God's resources. He's given us everything we need in Christ, but sometimes, in the hussle and bussle, we forget to receive it!

Please pray for our sweet girls, as well, for perfect health and lot's of rest! Thank you so much!

We can't thank you enough! 

Those of you who have begun supporting us monthly or have sent money our way for the initial move have not just impacted us financially! You have energized us and encouraged us, humbled us and challenged us. We are so so grateful to God for you! We really do need your partnership to do what God is leading us to do. Thank you!

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