April 2013

Our trip to the U.S. and now that we're back...
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Warning... Mooshy Gooshy!

I can't help it! As I sit here trying to think of what to share from our lives the past 8 weeks and how to share it, I am overcome with gratefulness for our wonderful family and friends here and in the states. I just had to say that before I could say anything else!

Sweet Friends & Mexican Food!

Our trip "home" was too short AND too long. We hated to be away from the work God has blessed us with here. We missed everyone and they were always on our hearts and minds. On the other hand, there was not enough time to spend with everyone we love in the U.S. Our hearts feel so full having gotten to see lots of the people we love. But, there's an empty feeling when we think about how quickly the time went. We wish that the hug from a friend could have been a long talk or that quick hello was dinner together instead. And of course, Meijer, Dollar Tree, Drive-thru anything and Chinese Buffet: we miss you too!

We are glad to be "home," though. Stepping back from life here made us even more grateful to be a part of advancing God's Kingdom in Romania. What a privilege it is to teach the Word and to take people by the hand as we follow Christ in a culture where so few have ever actually heard the Gospel.

The opportunities we had to share what's happening here with friends and in churches during our time in the states helped us to identify progress and growth in our lives and to focus in again on our purpose. There's a fresh excitement in our hearts for sharing the Gospel and making disciples. We were also very encouraged by the support (in words, deeds and finances) of our friends and family!

With the girls, living on the third floor of an apartment building makes walks and playing in parks a mandatory part of our schedule! That means lots of opportunities for me to share the Good News with strangers and to spend quality time with some of our young ladies and friends, all while making sure Marie and Sarah get their daily quota of sun and dirt! If we lived in a house with our own backyard (which, don't get me wrong, sounds amazing) I would probably find myself unfortunately satisfied focusing on "our four and no more" when we weren't busy with organized ministry. Glad God is into details! Summer here we come!
Dinu is happy to be back in his groove with Bible studies and spending time with the young men. Of course, he would love to be teaching the Word 8-12 hours a day, but that's the reality for very few people in ministry. So in addition to studying and teaching, Dinu does a lot of practical things to help everyone we know. He's always fixing someone's car, computer or water heater, helping people move and moving people (driving our volunteers).

I am proud of who Dinu is and the work he does for God's Kingdom and I am blessed to be along side of him here in Romania!
We are grateful to know each of you who read this update every other month and treasure the ability to stay connected to you! We would also really like to hear from you-  how you are doing and how we could pray for you.

Thank you to those who faithfully support us. We appreciate you more than words can say!


  1. Great update Candice! Its always fun to hear what you and your family are up to. =)


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