Love meets Tragedy

A broken heart and lack of proper training contributed to John (name changed) being angry and aggressive- not qualities desirable in a children's home worker. His wife died early this Spring, leaving him to care for his young children by himself, along with his stressful job at the orphanage.

John was at our third camp this year. Right away we noticed his frequent shouting and roughness with the children. One day a child's misbehavior triggered his issues and he erupted.

Now we were angry! Instead of sending him packing (which we really wanted to do), Dinu and another member of the team took him aside and lovingly addressed him, confronting his behavior and requiring he apologize to the child involved. When they were done, Dinu spent another hour with him, listening to his needs and sharing the Gospel.

John listened closely to every word. And though he didn't make a decision for Christ then and there, his heart was open. Dinu prayed with him that day. He prayed for John and his children to experience God's peace and that they would come to know Christ. I can't help but wonder how many times someone had taken John's hand and prayed over him in his 37 years? I would be very surprised if once. 

Later, Dinu told me about their conversation. We were in awe of the Holy Spirit's work because we had each sensed the need to pray for John several times since camp began and on the day this came about. If He was preparing us, I know He was doing all John would allow to prepare him for that moment too!

God knew his heart would be open after his wife's tragic death. God knew that he would be chosen as one of the caregivers who would attend camp this year and may have inspired the orphanage director's decision. And God sent us, just over a year ago, as much for that moment as for any other thing Dinu has done or will do here. I am glad Dinu was bold, loving and obedient to take advantage of the moment.

And I pray that John will What a joy to work with the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus and advance God's kingdom in the Earth!