At Last! A Winter Report!

Expecting in June... 2014 Financial Goal... Holiday Ministry...
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Dear Friends,

Did you notice the change in our tree logo?
We've been living here for the last 18 months with just 30% of the monthly support we need. This has been possible because the willingness of Pas cu Pas (the Romanian foundation we are serving with) to help sustain us personally while our financial base grows. We have been humbled and amazed that they value our influence here enough to make such a commitment. We are grateful for those of you who make up that steady 30% and for all the other gifts from churches, friends and family that have been so timely and encouraging over the last year and a half!

God wants to provide for us, we know! And we believe that our part this year is to more faithfully communicate our need and also celebrate God's provision with the people around us. Thus, the tree! We started the year out with the same picture (but much larger) hanging in our apartment with the names of our partners on it. It's a great visual that motivates us to faithfully pray for those who support us and for more like them! We look forward to watching the tree fill up with God's provision this year!

If you would like to become a monthly partner, please click here. Living Truth is our own IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit and no percentage of our support goes to any other "parent" missions organization. We would love to answer any questions you might have about partnership, our ministry, giving online, whatever! Give us a call at 719-646-0843. It's a U.S. number that rings here in Romania. Remember- we're 7 hours ahead :-)

Christmas Ministry
Holidays here mean lots of special times making memories with the children from four "institutions." Only one is here in town so we drive an hour and a half and set up camp for a week at what used to be the largest orphanage in Romania (in Beclean) for ministry to the other three.

Like last year, we had little Christmas celebrations with a handful of children at a time, grouped by age. It's a time consuming method, but one that allows us one on one time, makes it more fun for doing crafts and singing carols and lets us explain the Gospel in age appropriate ways. What a joy it is to be God's hands and feet to these precious little ones!

We were so blessed this december to have my parents spend the entire month here with us! Along with lots of ministry, we also relaxed together during Christmas at Dinu's parents' in the village. It was a very special time!

Our volunteers quickly grew to LOVE them and soaked up as much time with them as possible... at our house for breakfast, during our week of orphanage ministry in Beclean (from playing cards to practical Christianity discussions) and, of course, on the streets with Santa!

We are very happy to announce that we are expecting a son!
We'll go to the U.S. about a month before he is due and stay all summer there. So, hopefully we will get the opportunity to show him off to many of you! We'll keep you updated as we make our travel plans.

Each January we send out an actual Newsletter- on paper! If you'd like to get them (and believe us, you would!) send your address to us at If you got one last year, do nothing! You're already in the club:-)