October 2014

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Hi dear friends!

We are so glad to be back in Romania! Having picked up our normal Fall ministry schedule the day after we got home, it honestly feels like we were only gone for a week instead of all Summer!

We realize even more now how much we have missed the special young men and women God has called us to during this season of our lives and theirs! Our hearts are filled with desire for them to know God's Word and His presence in the most intimate way possible. 

Please continue to pray for us and them, that we would overcome every obstacle and experience all God has in store!

Below are some pictures from the last few weeks. We've already had a team training (with dinner), three Bible studies (with dinner), the monthly get-together for guys (with dinner) and get-together for girls (with dinner), a 3 day spiritual retreat for our volunteers (breakfast, lunch and dinner together) and our monthly "family dinner." You may have noticed, for us discipleship nearly always involves food. Jesus' ministry did too so I guess we're on the right track!

Crazy picture from retreat!
Dinu taught one session at the retreat on a lifestyle of celebrating- what it means to rejoice in the Lord, regardless of circumstances!
Girls with shawarma
Girls get-together was great! We talked about the Love of God, made shawarma and played cheesy games!
Marie fall picture
Marie started preschool. She is becoming confident in her Romanian again and sounds very good!
John with Bunici
John, now 4 months old, with his very proud grandparents!
Sarah fall picture
Sarah was so very happy to visit her Bunicu in the village as soon as we got home! She wanted to go straight there from the airport!