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1/19/12, 5:23am
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We are so blessed to announce the birth of our seond daughter! What a great way to start the year! This New Year also brings the exciting challenge of preparing for our transition to Romania and raising financial support. We're happy to be able to share these new beginnings with you! Thanks for being our friends!

January 2012

Happy New Year!
Welcome to our first official ministry newsletter.
We hope you'll take a minute to scroll down for news on our website, an ecouraging article, more about our vision and what we'll be doing in Romania, and an invitation to help us by becoming a financial friend of Living Truth!

Visit our Blog!

We’ve started a blog that we'll be using until our website is ready. It’s a place to find more information on our vision and how to give, as well as our past updates and current Newsletter.

Character vs Performance

Let's face it! Some of us are performance oriented. We always do our best to impress and tend to hold ourselves and others to high performance standards. <more> 
We think of it as friendraising, not fundraising!
The apostle Paul, in Philippians 1:5, talks about people who's friendship in the Gospel made it possible for him to do what he was called to do. We are trusting God to bring us friends like that. Many of you have the same heart to share the good news about Jesus, God's grace and righteousness in Christ like we do.

There are some of you who know that supporting us will be a part of your fulfilling that desire. We want you to know, we are already thanking God for you and the way that He is linking us together to accomplish things neither could do on our own. If you haven't thought about it yet, we hope you'll pray about partnering with us.

We will need steady monthly support, along with enough to cover initial moving costs, buying a car, etc. Next month we'll share more with everyone about how to give. For now, if you know you want to partner with us, follow this link!

Want to understand more about this principle of partnership? Here's a great article by Andrew Wommack.

Life can be very uncertain for a Romanian orphan who's just graduated from highschool. On the one hand, it means finally "escaping" orphanage life; on the other, it means not knowing where you'll live or what you'll do. Will you be accepted to college? Will anyone hire you if you can't go to college? Will you make friends? You're not sure how to shop for groceries or pay bills. But then...
Someone comes along side you. They help you apply to a college, prepare for tests, find a job and a place to live. Most importantly, and something you weren't even looking for, they treat you like family and show you what it means to know Jesus. They not only help you with the physical needs you have, but feed your thirsty spirit. They teach and mentor you and then take you to orphanages on the weekends to teach and mentor younger children! That is the vision of Pas cu Pas (Step by Step), a ministry founded several years ago in Cluj, Romania. We will be serving with Pas cu Pas when we move to Romania. We're proud to be a part of a ministry touching people in such a special way!


I've been invited to serve at Pas cu Pas (Step by Step) in Cluj Romania. It is a ministry I am very familiar with, not only because my sister had a significant role in it's founding back in 2005 and is the current ministry leader, but also because the director has been a close friend for many years.  I will be overseeing discipleship and personal mentoring of staff and volunteers. I believe that God has been preparing me for this role and have committed to the position for the next few years. It isn't our only ministry goal in relation to Romania, but it will be a big part of our lives for the next few years. This ministry fits my vision, which is to, not only share the Gospel with those who haven’t heard, but also to teach other believers the truths that have transformed my life. Knowing who I am in Christ, the righteous He has restored to us and what unearned grace really means have literally revolutionized my relationship with God. True love and real freedom draws me deeper into holy living, not obligation or condemnation. What a priveledge it is to be a part of shaping these young lives with those same truths!

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