August 2013

Our 4th Anniversary!
Dinu and I both laugh when we think about the fact that we've only been married for four years because it seems like sooooo much longer to us. In a good way!

Since June 27, 2009 we've lived in 3 states, had 2 children, finished 3 years of Bible school and moved to another continent. And, we're just getting started!

Reaching Caregivers
Romania is in the process of decentralizing children from large institutions into smaller group homes nearer to relatives, when possible. That's better for the children, hands down. However, caregivers in these homes are as poorly trained and even more isolated than their institutional counterparts. 

Click here to read about the small start in ministry to caregivers we had this summer and our vision here at Pas cu Pas for continuing ministry to them.
Summer Ministry Recipe 

Start off with a retreat for volunteers (our best ever, by the way). Add a special needs camp, a teen camp and two camps for smaller children (150 kids total). Mix in 15 trips to the not-so-local water park to make sure children from two orphanages get to go. Then bake until golden in hot weather and sprinkle generously with toddler smiles!

That was our Summer, in a nut shell:-) If you have a minute, follow this link to see lot's of pictures. We would include them in this letter, but it would load very slowly! We hope you'll take the time to read articles below as well.
4 Awesome Camps!
A major favorite for me during each of the camps was campfire night. No, not just because I got to build really big bonfires and sing at the top of my lungs!

Of all the activities we do with the kids, campfires seem to be the best opportunities to lead them in worship to God, share the Gospel with them, and (as you'll see in these pictures), the best time for volunteers and Canadian team members to snuggle them close!

The moments we spend playing with and loving on the kids water the seeds of the Gospel that our volunteers plant throughout the year. I also believe that those interactions help build an accurate image on God in their hearts. I also hope it reinforces that image for our volunteers as they teach, comfort and deepen their friendships with the children!

Make these moments possible!

Love Meets Tragedy
A broken heart and lack of proper training contributed to John (name changed) being angry and aggressive- not qualities desirable in a children's home worker. His wife died early this Spring, leaving him to care for his young children by himself, along with his stressful job at the orphanage.

John was at our third camp this year. Right away we noticed his frequent shouting and roughness with the children. One day a child's misbehavior triggered his issues and he erupted.

Now we were angry! Instead of sending him packing (which we really wanted to do), Dinu and another member of the team took him aside and lovingly addressed him, confronting his behavior and requiring he apologize to the child involved. When they were done, Dinu spent another hour with him, listening to his needs and sharing the Gospel... Continue reading 
Are you a parent of a child or young adult? Imagine a summer in which you and your child (or children) grew closer together emotionally, a summer you were able to reinforce your love and your child was able to trust you more than ever before.

Would that be a big deal? Would there be implications in your child's relationship with God? Would it effect his life in the long-term? 

I believe the answers to each of those questions is YES. And that's exactly how I feel about this Summer with our volunteers...

Beginning with the spiritual retreat for our volunteers and throughout all the camps, our relationships with several volunteers became deeper and more significant. There were 
moments of confidence and personal sharing, good times and fun, and even moments of discipline. Of course, there were plenty of missed opportunities too. For Dinu and I it is challenging enough to really take time with our own small children, let alone the young people we have been entrusted with. Still, I am so proud of Dinu and the other leaders here at Pas cu Pas who made the time and seized the moments to let relationships grow during this busy season.

Thanks for reading this letter every other month and for your prayers for our family! Candy
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